first time

artist book, zine, humor, scholarly fuckery, art, low-fi

ex-girlfriend is a thematic volume of essays, musings, research, fictions, images, reproductions, instructions and odes. ex-girlfriend is artist-run, hand-made and exploratory.


ex-girlfriend vol.1
subject: FIRST TIME

Submission Guidelines:

  • Text must be submitted as a doc/docx or txt                                             
  • Text may be any length wordcount/pages
  • Up to 3 text submissions per applicant accepted
  • Images must be submitted as a jpg or tiff
  • Images must be at 300 dpi, and a max of 3MB
  • Up to 10 image submissions per applicant accepted
  • ex-girlfriend may choose one/some/all of a selected applicant’s entries, if the entries are meant to be “one complete work” please submit this for review as one file.
  • FREE to submit, but incomplete or incorrectly submitted applications will be discarded. 
  • One application per person.
  • Contact exgirlfriend.zine AT with questions.

DEADLINE: November 20, 2020 at 11:59pm ET

Selected applicants will automatically be mailed a copy of ex-girlfriend vol. 1 – First Time

about image & text quality: ex-girlfriend is produced in small batches, with available materials/resources. This means sometimes it’s in grayscale or full color, copy paper or velum, stitch bound or stapled, etc  – sometimes we feast, and sometimes we famine. Aside from these aesthetic results of production, ex-girlfriend will not edit, crop or censor any of the submissions selected. If possible, requests for a particular font type will be honored, but not guaranteed.

A digital version of each ex-girlfriend volume will be released in anticipation of the following volume. This means the hardcopy is completed first, and later the digital - both are available for free.

The dedication of each ex-girlfriend volume is “for difficult women/womxn,” but submissions are welcome from all parties. ex-girlfriend will not ask or require your personal demographic information. Content that is hateful, marginalizes and/or purposefully traffics in the trauma or re-traumatization of others is not welcome, and no amount of annotations will spare it - that is not what is meant by “scholarly fuckery.” ex-girlfriend knows the difference between satire (e.g., see use of the word “difficult”), or discussion of challenging topics vs. just being a shithead.